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The Big List of Organic Cotton Retailers

Finding a retailer of organic cotton can be a time consuming process. Even when you find one, they often only have limited stock. I have good news for you. I have spent many hours over the last few years (and I mean MANY!) looking for retailers who have a wide range to choose from, or who sell specialist items like organic sewing thread or organic cotton lace. I've compiled all this information along with important details such as which types of cotton they sell, whether they have a bricks and mortar shop as well as selling online, a word about their postage rates and other useful snippets (one even has a coffee shop !!) into one comprehensive list, which I'm sharing with you today.
I've also added the list to the side bar of the blog as a downloadable PDF and I shall update it regularly.
To which end, I need your feedback please! If you know of a good organic cotton retailer that I've not included please tell me! If you've used one and had a bad experience, I'd like to know that too. I'm sure even with all the research I've put that I've missed someone off the list !
So far, I have restricted the list to the UK and the US, but it doesn't have to stay that way. If you'd like me to include Australia or Canada, or anywhere else for that matter, just let me know and I'll do my best to add them.
Just before I get to the list, I'd like to add a word for UK peeps about buying online from the US.
If your experience differs to mine, please let me know.
If you look at US online retailers and do a currency conversion, you cannot help but think "Wow! Those prices are brilliant!", but then you go to the shipping page and see just how much it's going to cost for postage, and you try and do the maths and probably end up totally confused and dither as to whether it's worth it or not.
I always prefer to buy from the UK, not least because I want it right now and I'm watching for my postie from the minute I've pressed the "Add to Cart" button. But sometimes the design I want is just not available here in the UK or I want sufficient amount that it makes it worthwhile to buy from the US and then I'll put up with the wait. Most US retailers tell you how many yards will fit into a certain size of postage box. A flat rate envelope, for instance,  will fit between 7 and 10 yards of fabric and costs about $24 (about £15) in postage.

So here is the maths:
Average cost per yard in the US - $16.50 (£10.50)
If you buy 7 to 8 yards of fabric the postage works out at £2 per yard. £10.50 + £2 = £12.50 
(cheaper than buying in the UK)
If you buy 2 yards of fabric the postage works out at £7.50 per yard. £10.50 + £7.50 = £17.50
(more expensive than buying in the UK)
Following this process, if you buy 5 yards, it works out about the same as in the UK.

If you just want 1 or 2 yards of a fabric and it is not available in the UK, your best bet it to look for it on Etsy. You do need to shop carefully, as some sellers charge so much to send internationally, it just isn't worth it, but often it will cost you no more through Etsy than it would if you were buying it online in the UK

Now, finally, here is the list (also in the sidebar)

The Big List of Organic Fabric Retailers
A comprehensive list of organic cotton retailers in the United Kingdom and United States. This list is updated regularly. Please contact me (mackandmabelblog(at)gmail(dot)com) if you know of a shop that should be added or have some relevant feedback on one of them.

United Kingdom
The Eternal Maker        + brick & mortar store
41 Terminus Rd, Chichester, West Sussex, PO19 8TX
The widest selection of organic cotton prints I have found. Reasonable postage. Super fast shipping
cotton prints         cotton solids        flannel

The Village Haberdashery + brick & mortar store
47 Mill Lane, London, NW6 1NB
Good selection of organic prints. Reasonable flat rate postage
cotton prints         cotton solids        canvas

Kitschy Coo        
Brilliant selection of organic cotton jersey and interlock prints. Postage according to weight
jersey                  interlock

Organic Textile Company
Extensive range of a wide variety of cotton types. Very friendly and helpful. Work directly with the manufacturer in India. Postage is calculated by weight and can be expensive, but caps at £9.95
cotton prints         cotton solids        jersey        flannel        fleece
voile           muslin         twill             calico                  denim                  corduroy colourgrown cotton   handloom cotton           crossweave                  velvet
toweling      toy stuffing          sewing thread

Ray-Stitch                      + brick & mortar store
99 Essex Rd, London, N1 2SJ
Small selection of a wide variety of cotton types. Have an in-store coffeeshop. Reasonable postage
cotton prints         cotton solids        jersey        flannel        fleece
voile           muslin         twill             calico                  denim                  canvas colourgrown cotton     handloom cotton           crossweave

Eclectic Maker             
Small selection of organic prints. Reasonable postage (free over £60)
cotton prints

Saints & Pinners           
Small selection only. No new products added recently
cotton prints         cotton solids        crossweave

M Is for Make      
Printed cottons only. Flat rate postage
cotton prints

Small selection of cotton prints. Reasonable postage
cotton prints

Small selection of cotton prints.  Flat rate postage postage
cotton prints

Small selection of cotton prints.  Postage can be expensive for larger quantites
cotton prints

Basic undyed organic cottons including heavy weight flannel and extra wide percale for sheeting.  Postage quite expensive, but free for orders over £80
flannel        percale       cotton solid          voile           sewing thread     

MacCullogh & Wallis      + brick & mortar store
25-26 Dering St, London W1S 1AT
Small selection of organic cotton tape and webbing. Discount on large quantities. Postage is expensive

United States
Huge selection of cotton prints. Newest lines available. Regular sale days.
International buyers – read their shipping page so you know how many yards will fit into each size of postal box to get best value from your shipping costs.
cotton prints         cotton solids        canvas

Harts Fabric                   + brick & mortar store
1620 Seabright Ave, Santa Cruz, CA 95062
Wonderful selection of a wide variety of organic cottons including prints, solids, good selection of jersey and small range of lace trim
cotton prints         cotton solids        flannel        jersey                  trimmings

Cedar House Fabrics      
An entire online shop devoted to organic fabrics!  Competitive shipping costs
cotton prints         cotton solids

Honey Be Good     
Another entire online shop devoted to organic fabrics!  An excellent range of solids, also some jelly rolls and a voile.  Check shipping page to get best value for money.
cotton prints         cotton solids        jelly rolls     voile

Pink Castle Fabrics      
Good selection of prints, plus a few solids.
cotton prints         cotton solids

Sew Fresh Fabrics       
Good selection of prints. As this is an Etsy shop pricing is for calculated for individual units. Quite a good option if you only want a small amount.
cotton prints


  1. So glad you keep highlighting this, I know it's something I should give more attention to.

  2. What a great post! Thanks for this - very informative indeed. I've ordered from a few of these UK stockists and been very happy both with their product and excellent service. That's an interesting calculation re ordering from the USA too - thanks for doing the math :-)
    Looking forward to seeing you on Sat,

  3. This is great, such a lot of work. I mainly only buy from America at sale prices or if my brother who lives there is coming home and can bring a parcel for me.

  4. Wow, I have also spent far too many hours searching for organic cotton fabrics, but I've actually found some new shops on your list! I love Gossypium, their range is small but the quality and prices are both very good and it's all fair trade as well as organic ( Fairtrade Fabric has a huge range of handwoven cotton (mostly shot cottons, lovely colours) and it's all organic as well although she doesn't seem to shout about that fact (

    Do you not end up paying VAT and import duty on larger orders from the US? Alabama Chanin have the most beautiful single jerseys - I've had relatives bring some over for me a couple of times, but the postage costs keep me from having it sent here directly (probably for the best!).

  5. This is really useful thanks :) I have only bought from the states once and I did save a lot, but I bought 9 yards and all of the fabric was greatly reduced. I would prefer to buy from the UK, but I find there's loads of fabrics I just can't get here. I wouldn't buy from the states often though as I don't have the money to buy such large quantities!!

  6. This is a really useful post, but did you mean it to be mostly formatted as a hyperlink? It made it quite tough on the eyes!


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