Saturday, 9 March 2013

Blog Photo Inspiration

OK, If like me you live in the UK, it's cold, it's grey, let's face it, it's miserable!!
We feel like just curling up on the sofa, but we feel guilty, right?
Well what I'm suggesting is not couch potato style laziness - it's research!
We all love our blogs, and we like posting the best photos we can of the things we've been pouring our heart and soul into making. We take the photos ( often in rushed conditions, if you are anything like me) we post them and then we feel a tad dissappointed with them.
Why did we use the carpet as a background?
Why didn't we brave the elements, put on our coats and shoes and take an outdoor photo.
Couldn't we have been a bit more creative about where we draped that quilt to photograph it.
What am I hearing?
You don't have an expensive camera and tripod?
You don't a designer style home or the Lake District countryside on your doorstep?
Well neither, as it happens, does David Butler - and we all know how stunning Amy Butler's fabrics look in the photos, like the one above. OK, he does have some really good looking models, and I'm not suggesting we kidnap people and children off the streets, but if you head over to Craftsy and sign up for the QuiltCon Lectures 2013 you can hear David tell you just how to take some really great photos with just a basic camera or iPhone, a sheet of whiteboard and a little imagination.
The lectures are free, there are 7 in total and the speakers include Amy Butler, Angela Walters, Jacquie Gering and Mary Fons and they total about 7 hours of lovely cozy sofa based inspiration on this cold and grey weekend. Quilters will enjoy all the lectures, but all bloggers, or even people who just want to take good photos of their creations,will get something from  David Butler's approach to photography. It's not a fast paced, high tech lecture. He's a very laid back guy, and at times it's downright slow, but at the end of 40 minutes or so you get up off the sofa (assuming you're watching on a laptop, iPad or the equivalent) inspired to raise the standard of your blog photos, and that surely must be a good thing for all of us.
So, how do you take your photos? Is it a quick snap in best lit window of the house you can find?
Have you a favourite outdoor location?
Do you have an all-singing, all-dancing camera or just a basic point-and-shoot?
I do have the white board that he suggests, although I am off now to Staples to buy some much bigger pieces!
I certainly don't have a tripod and I do often take quick snaps in a rush that I'm not proud of, but just want to get the post up into Blogland.
I am trying to use my iPhone more, but find it hard to hold such a small item still, and end up having to sharpen the photos before I post them.
The trick I use most of all is to keep a roll of paper to hand - either wrapping paper with a white back, or wallpaper. I support one end of the paper of a table (yes, with Jamie Oliver's 15 Minute Meals!)and let the other just roll down to the floor. I then place the item on the roll and that way I get a nice white background without any floor and wall lines in it.
And if you happen to get a cat in the photo? David reckons that a sure fire way to get more views!!
I can't guarantee my photos will be any better in the furure, but I will be trying! Have a nice, cozy weekend.... Julie
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