Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Busy, busy, busy

Phew, it's busy, busy, busy here in my little world of crafting. It's also turned very spring-like - longer daylight hours, more sunshine than we've seen for weeks and consequently I've got bags of energy.
I'm multi tasking the max!
First off is the only finish so far this month in my Stash busting Challenge.
It's a sweater for a baby boy, with button opening across the neck and it's knitted in oddments of organic cotton. I wasn't sure I would have enough of the turquoise yarn, hence the stripes, which I really like. I didn't like sewing in the ends though, I'm never happy with the finish when I'm using cotton. There is always more bulk in the seam than I would really like, even though I split the yarn and sew in two opposite directions.
I have a lot of works in progress though - a crochet blanket that is all done apart from sewing in the ends and a baby quilt that just needs the binding, so there will be more photos of stashbusters soon.
Speaking of photos, I'm feeling really frustrated with my Iphone..... Grrrrr!.....I have just spent the last two days at a craft trade show in Birmingham. Aisle after aisle of knitting, sewing, papercrafting heaven.....
I took dozens of photographs with the specific aim of sharing all the wonderful eye candy with you all only to spend hours trying ..... and failing to upload them to my laptop successfully. For some reason that I can't understand they all reduce drastically in size in the transfer and are totally useless for blogging purposes. I'm going to have to sweet talk my son or his girlfriend into showing me what I'm doing wrong.
I'm also busy dressmaking! I volunteered to be a pattern tester for a new British design team called Gather. They send me the pattern and instructions and I follow it to the letter, noting as I go how clear it is, where it might have needed more detail, spotting any errors etc.
It's great fun, very relaxing and I get a summer dress into the bargain.
I'm a very lucky girl!
Oh, and did I say I've almost finished another hat pattern for the Etsy shop too ?
Apparently we are going to return to winter weather by the end of the week, so I shall make hay whilst the sun shines, as the expression says and keep on multi tasking while I've got all this energy :)
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  1. What a cute little jumper! I agree that the longer, lighter days are revitalizing. Just wish we still didn't have a foot of snow on the ground...

  2. wow sounds like you are really busy Julie love the little sweater it looks perfect to me. I have problems transferring photo's from my phone too, I found it easier to bluetooth them across but I don't think you can do that with an iphone. I look forward to seeing your nearly completed wips, I will be collecting pictures and totals for the feb SB review next wednesday. Enjoy your dress making :)

  3. That's a sweet little jumper! Enjoying the sunshine too (apparently snow forecast for Saturday though!) and looking forward to Spring arriving.
    Have a lovely week - that trade show sounds fun by the way, hope you get your pics sorted so you can share.

  4. I know what you mean about cotton...but it is so fresh and soft! Love this little sweater


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