Saturday, 10 November 2012

Meet Suzie

This is Suzie! or at least her head!!! She is a polystyrene model and I purchased her yesterday to help me with my pattern designing.
Several people have asked me to design adult versions of my baby hats and so I've been working on a few recently. The problem is, there is only so much fitting you can do looking in the mirror, with needles and yarn draped round your head, trying to balance a second mirror so that you can get a glimse of the back view. I lost a good few stitches from my needles in the process, I can tell you. I did try using my youngest son's girlfriend's head, but I  need to test it a zillion times before I'm sure I'm happy with it - enough to test the patience of even the most obliging of girlfriends! so I went along to my local Hobbycraft and found Suzie. Polystyrene dmages easily, and of the three models I could choose from, she was the least damged, but she does have some serious scarring on her cheekbone - poor thing!
She is going to be a wonderful help. She keeps perfectly still, doesn't mind me pinning bits whilst they are still on her head, and doesn't moan at how long I'm taking. Thank you Suzie.
It has been a busy week.
My purses are all made and sitting waiting to show you on Tuesday as part of the the UR Priceless blog hop.
I've also been busy making samples for a talk and demo I'm giving to some ladies at their local craft club on Monday evening. I'm demonstrating making handmade paper from recycled paper, junk mail etc. I've made a whole load of little journals as well as some greetings cards. Again, I'll show you them all after the demo.
Have a good weekend...........Julie


  1. What a great idea, I could do with a Suzie too I love her hat :)

  2. I just bought an infant head! It's still on it's way here!

    if you ever need a pattern tester, let me know! I have tested for a few designers :)

    So excited for adult hats! I think my head needs a lovefibres design!


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