Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Cutting Edge Stuff

You may remember me saying yesterday that I had ordered some navy and turquoise solid Klona for my scrappy Linus quilt. I ordered it yesterday - I'm pretty sure it was lunchtime-ish when I did it, and by 9 o'clock this morning the postie had delivered it! A-Mazing!!

This was from Alice at Backstitch
 She always wraps the order so prettily, and the handwritten message card makes you feel you are opening something really special. So with all the fabric ready and waiting I had no excuse not to start cutting.
By the end of the day (in between spells of painting walls) I had managed to cut 650 of these little b*****s. I cannot face cutting another one toiday!
I did have a quick play to see what the blocks would look like, and managed to get a photo before dusk. There will be two styles of alternating block.
The first block is completely scrappy
The second has turquoise and navy diamond running through it.

Much of the fabric I'm using was given to me by a friend who had received a great deal of fabric from an old lady who had to give up quilting. I have to admit that some of it smells rather musty, After sorting and cutting that for quite a while, it felt really good to cut some of the new navy solid for the damonds.Klona cotton feels a little coarser than Kona, but it handles really nicely, and when it's a charity quilt, economy has to be a factor.
I intend to make the quilt 56"x70". That will be 4 blocks x 5 blocks. There are 49 2 1/2" squares in each block, so I need a total of 980 little squares. So, only another 330 to go then!

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  1. WOW - 650!! You have the patience of a saint! I whinged when I had to cut 44 of the little "b"s ;-)
    Thanks for the link to Backstitch too - going to hop over and discover it now.
    Happy scrapping!


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